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Dilleniaceae of Australia

SpecimensRoyal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Dilleniaceae is a small family of 11 genera and approximately 400 species. The family is mainly tropical and subtropical in its distribution. It is unusual in that it has a high level of variability in its morphological characters. Genera include Adrastaea, Candollea, Hibbertia and Pachynema.

Many of our specimens are over 100 years old and provide some of the first records for species in Australia.

We have now digitised all our Australian flowering plant specimens and need your help to unlock the data they hold for use by researchers around the globe.

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s extensive Herbarium numbers nearly three million specimens representing half to two thirds of the world's flora. It is considered a leading botanical collection,
and every year many researchers from around the world visit to study our specimens.

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