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Collection labels

Capture data from specimen and object labels to make it accessible for scientific and cultural research.

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Historical documents

Transcribe text and capture data from historical documents to make them digitally accessible.

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Wildlife Spottter

Identify and tag images of animals and collection objects to support information discovery and research.

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Feature Expedition

Transcribing Anindilyakwa

Field notesLiving Archive of Aboriginal Languages

The Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages contains materials sourced from Indigenous communities around Australia, digitised with permission. All materials go through a process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) but the software doesn't always do a good job with these books, due to layout, faded print, special characters, unusual fonts, etc.

You can assist by creating transcripts for the materials that the OCR software couldn't manage.

You don't need to understand the languages to assist with this project.

15% Complete (success)
85% Transcribed
15% Validated
100% Transcribed
106 Tasks

More Expeditions

Richard M. Hansen Catalog Notes 1950

0% Complete (success)
0% Transcribed
0% Validated
0% Transcribed
26 Tasks


0% Complete (success)
1% Transcribed
0% Validated
1% Transcribed
64 Tasks

City of Parramatta Minute Book 1889-1893 (Part 2)

0% Complete (success)
12% Transcribed
0% Validated
12% Transcribed
405 Tasks

John Neil Jensen Catalog Notes 1963-1965

0% Complete (success)
14% Transcribed
0% Validated
14% Transcribed
27 Tasks

Flowering Plants of Australia (part 3)

0% Complete (success)
36% Transcribed
0% Validated
36% Transcribed
1161 Tasks

Phoma specimens from the Kew Fungarium

1% Complete (success)
37% Transcribed
1% Validated
38% Transcribed
1321 Tasks

Australian horse fly expedition 6

8% Complete (success)
32% Transcribed
8% Validated
40% Transcribed
486 Tasks

Dolichandra - Kew specimens

38% Complete (success)
22% Transcribed
38% Validated
60% Transcribed
479 Tasks

Australian Museum Tissue Register Expedition

41% Complete (success)
29% Transcribed
41% Validated
70% Transcribed
92 Tasks

South African SAFARIS – FN book 20

4% Complete (success)
73% Transcribed
4% Validated
77% Transcribed
97 Tasks

Australian horse fly expedition 5

78% Complete (success)
14% Transcribed
78% Validated
92% Transcribed
460 Tasks

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